Unfortunately every year in our country we are losing lakhs of precious life in tragic road accidents .So for better awareness & inciting the importance of road safety we at avadat organized a seminar on the same topic.

Deputy commissioner of traffic police Ahmedabad was the main speaker and he expressed his concerns on road accidents and also spoke on important parameters of traffic rules and road safety. All employees of our organization enthusiastically participated in the event.

Fire drills are an important part of your fire safety procedures for many reasons. Not only do they ensure that all staff, customers and visitors to your premises understand what they need to do if there is a fire, but they also help you to test how effective your fire evacuation plan is and to improve certain aspects of your fire provisions.

Understanding the importance of this we at Avadat concluded fire safety and mock drill under the guidance of experts. It was a great success as employees followed the manual perfectly and also actively involved in a drill.

FREAKINs for the ones who seem young and strong, may contradict and appear rebellious, but if given room to breathe have capabilities to discover & change.

FREAKINs young, original, authentic and comfort innovative collection designed for those with a trend-conscious outlook who prefer cutting-edge design to fashion fads. The ones who use fashion as a means to express her/his personality and individuality.

The brand FREAKINs covers all phases of fashion process: Design, manufacture, logistics and distribution through its own e-commerce online platform. The key to this model is the ability to adapt the customer preferences / tastes in latest fashion at affordable prices.


India International Garment Fair (IIGF) has come a long way and it is now one of the established fair in the international apparel fairs arena.

 IIGF is one of the largest and most popular platform in Asia where overseas garment buyers can source and forge the business relationship with India's the finest in Apparel and Fashion Accessories domain.

We exhibited our large collection at recently held event in Greater Noida and got a lot of accolades from internatinal buyers accross the globe.