All Infrastructure and all value addition facilities under one roof help us to offer 100% quality products.

World class equipment acquired for faster production and develop latest trendy products in-house at the Avadat Factory.

The company runs an in-house Design, CAD & Sampling department. Also has a Production and Finishing department where bulk manufacturing is done using the latest technology machinery.

Design, CAD & Sampling Department

The company has in-house Design & Sampling department equipped with experienced Designers and Masters for New Product Development.

Around 400-500 average new Designs are developed and Samples manufactured on monthly basis with the strength of 20-25 experienced specialists of cutting and stitching working round the clock.

Using the latest machinery the designs are created with precision and high quality. Machinery like CAD Plotter and Pattern Plotter are installed for making sampling process more accurate and consistent.

Production Department

Avadat has an edge in the capabilities of manufacturing around 60,000 units per month in its Production Department.

Around 160-180 employees are part of this department handling 4-6 lines of production and delivering precise quality garments in the most rapid turn-around time.

Equipped with latest machinery to continuously manufacture garments of the latest fashion, Avadat takes pride in every small detail of the garment. Production department has also installed automatic Loop Attachment machinery.

Finishing Department

Avadat has the capacity of monthly 125,000 units to be packed and dispatched regularly through our well-equipped Finishing & Packing Department.

The department has full time 150-200 employees working round the clock with efficiency & accuracy to get the job work done to support the rapid turn-around factor of the organization.

Washing Department

Latest washes are carried out like Enzyme, Over-Dyeing, Stone Wash, and Cloud Wash, Acid Wash etc., using fully automatic and highly equipped front loading machines.

With the help of the latest Dryer & Conveyor System (Line Dryer) on an average 25,000 – 30,000 units are processed with efficiency by 140-150 employees daily.

The department is also equipped with machines like Oven Facility to develop 3D effects and Permanent Wrinkles and Grinding / Damaging finishes on the denim products.

Even Dry Processes like Scrapping, Tagging, Rips & Repairs, Laser, Spraying etc., are our strength.

State-of-the-art Laboratory, constantly monitors and check various safety norms like PH, color fastness, formaldehyde, appearance etc., and quality of raw materials and chemicals.